· Our Associates come first. With great people, we provide great care. Our professionals are carefully selected through an extensive team interviewing and screening process for alignment with our
Culture, Core Values, Mission & Vision.
· We are locally-owned and locally-managed and therefore make local decisions. We understand the needs
of our friends and neighbors.
· We have the only Hospice network in southern Arizona serving now over 40 communities.
Over 90% of the southern Arizona population has access to our services.
· Our extensive geographic footprint provides for care in rural areas usually not served outside
of metropolitan areas.
· We have an innovative Night/Weekend Nurse Program with 24-hour live access for all locations for
same day patient admissions seven days a week.
· Our Hospice Medical Directors, all Board Certified and some Board Certified in Hospice & Palliative
Medicine, are experts in hospice care and make in-home visits.
· We offer a true holistic approach to care utilizing various integrative medicines and therapies.
· We believe in lower patient case management ratios by each Hospice clinician compared to others.
· We offer special clinical care programs (such as for Dementia and CHF), cultural sensitivity programs
(such as Hispanic and Latino), focused healthcare programs (such as Valor DoctorCare) and
unique programs for Bereavement Care and Veterans, as a Level 3 "We Honor Veterans" Partner.
· We have a special Wound Care program that treats wounds to ensure the
highest level of patient comfort.
· We have a new associate orientation (NAO) program, with a competency-based training curriculum
and a continuous education & leadership (CEL) program supporting a clinical team trained in
advanced evidence-based palliative and hospice care outcomes.
· Our Volunteer program provides over 30 hours of training, and includes a fast track program for previously
trained volunteers. Volunteers complete our Circle of Care for patients and families.
· For general inpatient and respite care, we have pre-qualified partnerships with local, skilled nursing
facilities who meet our quality and compliance standards.
· We are the Hospice with a comprehensive palliative continuum of care program led by physicians and
nurse practitioners, focused on in-home, patient evaluations and consultations for Hospice patients
with advanced chronic conditions.
· As the only Arizona Hospice with The Valor Institute for Palliative Medicine, we consider ourselves
Arizona's only academic-based Hospice, with our "Philosophy of Care Charter" focused on research
from evidence- and outcome-based care techniques for quality, compliance & education.
· We use the newest electronic medical record (EMR) systems for 24-hour “live” access by our clinical
teams and management for real-time patient care documentation.
· We are known as the Hospice who invests heavily in a comprehensive community education program,
with specialized in-service training and services to healthcare professionals.
· Through an association with the Southwest Hospice Foundation, we co