Medical Care at Home

Let us help you figure out medical care at home.

We know the thought of medical care at home, where you are most comfortable, can sound wonderful. Where to begin can be overwhelming. Here is a general overview on some of the steps to receiving the care you need and deserve in your own environment. If you have any questions, we are always here to assist you.

Will hospice care be covered by insurance?

Pre-hospice evaluations by physicians and nurse practitioners are covered by Medicare Part A, Medicaid (AHCCCS) and with prior approval, many private commercial insurance companies. If appropriate, we will bill secondary insurance for the co-pay. We have also partnered with local and national commercial insurance firms to provide services for new programs that follow Medicare Advantage guidelines. Please contact us for eligibility. For those with private insurance, we will verify benefits and inform the patient/guardian of any responsbility for charges. Please contact us at 877.615.3996 for free patient evaluations today.


Would you like to talk through the process?

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We are here to assist you with the transitions of life.

We are here to answer questions about life changes, level of care decisions
and to help with ease of transitions.