Integrative Medicine & Therapies Programs

Reaching out past medicine

Valor HospiceCare & The Valor Institute for Palliative Medicine's mission provides for addressing not only the physical symptoms of our patients, but spiritual, intellectual, social and emotional aspects as well. The goal of this program is to touch our patients in ways that traditional medicine cannot, which we believe enhances the quality of life for our patients, families and staff members. Integrative medicine neither rejects conventional medicine nor accepts alternative therapies uncritically.

Art Therapy

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Music Therapy

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Pet Therapy

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Future programs are in development and all of Valor's Integrative Therapies are available by trained, licensed and certified professionals

Are you a director of a care facility?

If you would like help with your residents, we can offer you assistance with care. Increasing your level of care per patient.

We are here to assist you with the transitions of life.

We are here to answer questions about life changes, level of care decisions
and to help with ease of transitions.