Hospital Program

Valor HospiceCare focuses on the collaborative pursuit of improved palliative and end-of-life hospice care with area hospitals and acute care facilities. Our hospital program focuses on creating a continuum of services across institutional and provider settings to benefit patients, caregivers, families and hospitals in many ways.

Your partner in care. The most important thing to remember is that hospice care will supplement, not replace the existing care that is already being provided by the care setting.

Who this program can help.

  • Extending our hospice-hospital partnership through improved understanding about the resources of each program.
  • Educating hospitalists and case management groups on the hospice benefit and advance care planning. 
  • Providing assessment and admissions counseling and services to discharge planners. We can assist you with a 1 hour response time to begin admission and transportation plans. 
  • Expediting and expanding access to a continuum of high-quality palliative care services, including inpatient and respite care for contracted facilities. Transitioning to a skilled nursing facility assistance is how we can help your facility to progress your patients to the next level care. Safe discharge - clearing the gap.

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Are you a director of a care facility?

If you would like help with your residents, we can offer you assistance with care. Increasing your level of care per patient.

We are here to assist you with the transitions of life.

We are here to answer questions about life changes, level of care decisions
and to help with ease of transitions.