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Valor HospiceCare & The Valor Institute for Palliative Medicine Specialized Programs

Valor Programs for Assisted Living Facilities, Group Homes and Nursing Homes

Establishing services to support the needs of assisted living facilities, group homes and nursing homes, or any long term care facilities, Valor HospiceCare has developed innovative program solutions to enhance the partnership experience for our organizations. For the patient, we work with resident long term care facilities to provide additional hospice care services for our comprehensive Valor PatientCareTM program.

Your partner in care. The most important thing to remember is that hospice care will supplement, not replace the existing care that is already being provided by the care setting.

How Hospice Helps in Assisted Living, Group Homes and Nursing Homes:

  • Gives peace of mind in that hospice teams are highly trained in palliative care.
  • Hospice teams can help supplement patient care, especially when the patient’s disease progresses and your staff is unable to keep up with the patient’s medical needs.
  • Participation by the primary care physician is encouraged, with visits by the hospice medical director.
  • We coordinate care with facility medical directors and nurse practitioners to ensure that residents are placed on their entitled hospice care services at the appropriate time.
  • Hospice provides individualized Plan of Care documentation to meet licensure requirements.
  • The interdisciplinary team ensures continuity of care.
  • We work with managed care providers, such as Medicare Advantage, to ensure that their benefits are covered with our full service offering.
  • Medications related to the hospice disease are provided via hospice pharmacy.
  • Supplies related to the terminal diagnosis are delivered by team members.
  • Bereavement and memorial services are available to staff members.
  • In-services regarding the disease process are available, including: quality reviews, system identification, care management, medications and palliative care.
  • Charts are updated by hospice staff, including providing hospice collateral that fully explains the Medicare hospice benefit.

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Please contact us today at 877.615.3996 or for further information about our services and programs.